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Bighorn sheep

Arizona Desert Big Horn Sheep hunting is the most coveted tag in north America and is a once in a lifetime experience. Our Guides are very knowledgeable and experienced in locating, hunting, and judging bighorn sheep. We spend most of the year observing sheep and keeping tabs on the best rams in a number of units.

Our Guides are dedicated to your success and goals our hunts are typically 10 days and rarely ever go more than 7 but we have the option to go longer if need be.

Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep are classified into Mexicana and Nelsoni sub-species.  Mexicana usually rams tend to hold their mass throughout their horns and on average, score better.  Nelsoni rams tend to be wide, long and flared out which give them a more impressive appearance but typically don’t score as well .

Arizona also offers hunts for Rocky Mountain Bighorn species if you are to draw this coveted tag AZ has some of the best Rockies in the country. Boasting many record book rams. The biggest rams come out of units we “play” in year in year out. We would be honored to help you achieve your trophy of a lifetime

Licenses and Seasons

Since desert sheep hunting is on a random draw basis, hunters that are interested in booking a sheep hunt will be emailed instructions on how to apply and which hunt numbers to use. The application period for sheep is in late May. Once a tag is drawn, we will book the hunt. The Arizona hunting license fee is $160.00 and tag fee is $1,815.00 (Non-Resident) or $313.00 (Resident). If applying online during the draw, your credit card will be charged for the full hunting license fee, since a license is required in order to apply. But Don’t worry you can use that license to apply for other AZ hunts or hunt OTC tags like archery deer. If you are lucky enough to draw the Sheep Tag that fee will be charged at a later date. Arizona has a bonus point system which increases your odds of drawing a tag. Each time you apply and are not drawn for a particular species, you receive a bonus point. For each bonus point you have for sheep, your name goes into the drawing an additional time, slightly increasing your odds.
Draw applications accepted online starting late May.  Drawing deadline: June 13th, 2017.

Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Season: December 1 – December 31 each year.
The Arizona Big Game Super Raffle tag for desert bighorn sheep is another option. The lucky winner of this tag has a 365-day season to harvest a ram utilizing several areas (units 9-16). Raffle tickets are only $25 each and you can buy as many as you can afford! They can be purchased online via the AZ Big Game Super Raffle website.